Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another HairBrained Scheme

Eureka, I have found it, the key to success in cricket, it's the hair weave. Whether it is Virender Sehwag, Harsha Bhogle or most recently Jacques Kallis, hair weaves have invariably led to success. Ricky Ponting made it famous and got runs, Shane got his and got wickets, though I'll bet he still claims that those wickets were thanks to painfully petrified English batsmen and pure talent on his part.

Hair weaves and cricket go hand in hand these days, recently some Indians have joined the bandwagon as well, Virender Sehwag for instance, who embraced a question regarding the brand new mop with a brilliant sehwagesque on liner "accha dikhoge to acha bikoge". Basically as per Sehwag it was merely a strategic investment as shampoo ads only go to people with hair. Well no one can really argue with that kind of logic, except with a, "well bra ads only go to people with breasts, just because you don't have them, doesn't mean you have to go get them", but the point would be lost on him anyway. Well one can't argue with the form he has displayed since the weave, barring the current South Africa series, he has decimated bowling line ups while claiming "I hit only bad balls".

I love the smell of Shampoos, that's why


Harsha Bhogle and Ravi Shastri are two cricket commentators who have had their hair woven at various points of time, Harsha being the most recent of the two. Why a TV personality like Harsha, who has spent the better part of the last two decades appearing on Indian television without a single hair on the top of his head, suddenly go all Sreesanth on us.


Jacques Kallis's current form is giving more force to this theory especially in the third test match at Cape Town. Kallis has been on a different trip completely since his new hair arrived in the mail, and has been making the Indian bowlers think longingly of the good old bald days. So completely horrible he has been to the Indian bowlers in this series that people seem to have forgotten that he had a fantastic record against India to begin with, this performance has been nothing short of a legendary performance by an old pro. Well his herculean effort on Day 4 has ensured that this series has one more fantastic day left in store, with hopefully enough suspense to leave us tearing out the little left of our hair.

I shan't be bowling there young man!!!

However, the true litmus test for this theory, the only way to prove its validity beyond a shadow of a doubt, would be to wait for Ishant Sharma or Sreesanth (pick your favourite) to lose all that hair, get some woven back and realize their true potential as cricketers.


And I would request Bhajji to stop telling Sreesanth that he looks good in that headband, the joke has gone on long enough, please tell him to take it off now.





















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