Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The IPL is here... finally. I have been waiting for this tournament forever. People know me as a huge cricket buff. I was in Bangalore during last years tournament and i didn't see a single match live. Well can you blame me, who'd wanna watch last years Bangalore Royal Challengers play. However, this years IPL was also robbed from me in terms of live viewing.

The IPL in South Africa has started off very much like this years F1 season, "ALL BETS ARE OFF". RCB and Deccan Chargers won their first games against last years finalists, and in the other Button won the first two GP's and placed 3rd in the latest one racing with Brawn GP. OMG WTF, what is happening? All i can say is both these events will be very interesting to watch. The IPL this year will be a much more even battle between bat and ball as, the pitches in SA are worn and are towards the end of their cricketing season and also the weather is not particularly conducive to swashbuckling batting. However, India did win the T20 World Cup in SA, so don't count out some massive scores from Yuvi, Dhoni etc.

Also, one of the most interesting things to be thrown up in IPL Season 2, is the rise of the "Fake IPL Player". For all lovers of good bitchy humour, please, I implore you to visit fakeiplplayer.blogspot.com . The man writing these posts is hilarious and they are an absolute treat to read. On that note goodbye, i shall be blogging more often, mostly on sports and other things which catch my eye.

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